Category 5 is a suspense action film that deals with the realities of facing a devastating hurricane. Victoria DuPuis, played by Chelsea Kane is an up and coming journalism student who heads into the heart of a massive hurricane in order to give up-to-the-minute reports, and help her tough and stubborn grandfather, played by Burt Reynolds, get out of the Hurricane’s path.  But when the storm becomes too much, it's up to Victoria and her family to survive the night!

The film also Stars C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Sheridan, and Yanni Gellman.

Directed by Rob King




IMPACT EARTH is an epic disaster adventure film that pits a family against the peril of an asteroid impacting Earth. An astronomy professor in disgrace, with a NASA background makes the terrifying discovery. A destructive asteroid is on a collision course with Earth! Now he must get his family to safety while alerting the world to this looming devastation. 

Starring Bernard Curry, Lew Temple, Brooke Langton, and featuring Tom Berenger. 

Directed by Rex Piano



SENIOR CLASS - 1/2 hour scripted show starring, Robert Wagner, Tim Conway and Ron Masak.